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LiveCare is currently trading over the counter, Pink: LVCE.

Investors have a unique opportunity to be part of LiveCare Health’s financial journey from the ground up. We’re improving our members’ health and exceeding our financial projections year-over-year by keeping care affordable and operating costs sustainable.

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Why Invest?

We’re well on our way to achieving our goal of being a $100 million company. How? We keep operating costs low and retention rates high.

Meet Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team is experienced in the healthcare industry and has a proven success record. Find out why LiveCare Health is their next success.

Shareholder Meetings

We’re committed to giving our shareholders timely, transparent updates. View meeting information, and stay up-to-date.

Upgrading the healthcare system

LiveCare Health is a business that started with a story and a purpose: Provide compassionate, connected care to seniors so they can live longer, healthier lives. Our personal 24/7 remote health monitoring service reduces saves the healthcare system significant expenses by decreasing emergency room and urgent care visits, hospital stays, amputations, related procedures, and ambulance transportation.

Successful Outcomes for our Members and Stakeholders

Our Diabetes Care service line grows organically, adding 50 new members every day. At that rate, we will be 46,000 members strong by 2025. Our financial future looks lucrative.

LiveCare Health is now a leading remote patient monitoring company that has perfected the patient care experience by reducing the barriers to optimal health and wellness for seniors managing diabetes or aging in place. Seniors are investing in their health, and investors have a unique opportunity to be part of our success.

Built For Increased Profits

Robust financial assets have helped LiveCare Health to exceed our annual financial projections for three years and counting.

By 2025, LiveCare Health is projected to reach $77.4 million in pre-tax earnings across our two service lines in the profitable telehealth market. Over 56 million adults in the U.S. are over 65, so our target market is substantial, and our revenue potential is expansive. We are primed to be the industry leader in comprehensive, whole-person patient monitoring.

With little competition and a unique market position, we’re a smart investment.

Sizeable Growth Opportunities

Our success rests on maintaining and expanding our member base. LiveCare Health goes the extra mile to help our current members feel supported and important so they stay with us for a long time. Our person-first approach is what sets us apart from any other company in the market today and will continue to drive future growth.

Starting with our Diabetes Care service line and strengthening our offerings with Seniors At Home and telemedicine appointments with medical providers, we have the ability to meet the needs of millions of seniors looking for ways to live independently. We’re primed for substantial business growth.

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Executive Team

LiveCare Health was founded by a passionate, dedicated team committed to improving the health and wellbeing of seniors across the U.S. Together, our team has 100s of years of experience, received awards for their work, and drove record results in previous positions.

Jim Dalton

Chairman of the Board & Founder

Max Rockwell

CEO, Director & Co-Founder

Jack Brannelly

General Counsel, Director & Co-Founder

John Elwin

Director, Sales Division

Feras Al Kandari

Director & Co-Founder

Pareena Bilkoo, MD, FACC

Chief Medical Director

Jeff Greene

Board Member

Shareholder Meetings

LiveCare Health hosts quarterly virtual shareholder meetings available via Zoom link for current shareholders and interested investors. During the meetings, CEO Max Rockwell, Chairman Jim Dalton, and General Counsel Jack Brannelly present business updates and discuss the company’s future outlook.

We sent current shareholders the recording via email. If you did not receive the recording, please contact us. Prospective investors can request the recording using the form.

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A Message from Our CEO

Jim Dalton, Chairman, Jack Brannelly, General Counsel, and I started LiveCare Health in April of 2018. We knew the healthcare system does not give people the personalized support they need and deserve. We’ve seen it firsthand in our own families. Our dream in starting LiveCare Health was to transform the system through telehealth to provide better care, especially for the elderly.

We set out to build a 24/7 health center staffed with health coaches, doctors, nurses, dietitians, and physical therapists available to our members and reachable anytime, day or night, through the push of a button. Our staff is available even when our members are lonely and just need to hear a friendly voice.

Today, we are operational and monitoring members. We have developed, acquired, and deployed state-of-the-art technology that interfaces seamlessly with our health center, and we’re proud to share that our members are improving their health and wellness through diligent monitoring and attentive care.

Our vision now is to launch into a sales program to grow our membership to 20,000. Truly, our only limitation for growth is capital on hand. We’re looking for sophisticated investors who share our vision. If you are interested, please call the health center at (800) 345-0491 and let the representative know that you would like to speak with me. I will return the call.

Max Rockwell, CEO