Diabetes Care

Real-time personal care for your Personal Diabetes Needs

Our care solutions extend from our fundamental principle of people helping people. Sure we provide technology that allows our members to connect to a caring professional with one button. What’s just as important to us is the personal relationships with our members built on trust. They know our health coaches genuinely desire to help by providing real-time, around-the-clock care and support.

Our Health Center

LiveCare Health goes the extra mile to help our members feel connected and loved. This sets us apart from any other company in the market today. We do so by providing proactive and preventive assistance to our members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This live, human interaction helps our members stay healthy and happy and keeps them safe from unnecessary diabetic events.

Our health coaches are our front-line ambassadors interfacing directly with our members. Each member has their own health coach and, over time, an extraordinary relationship is built based on trust and friendship.

Our technology extends Our Individual Touch

Ready to use Right Out of the Box

To help our health coaches, we provide an easy-to-use tablet and Bluetooth glucometer. These devices are set up and provisioned before shipping and help our members with video calling, messaging, and tracking. All our members have to do is turn it on, and it’s ready to use right out of the box!

Easy-to-Use Tablet

Our Diabetes Care service line grows organically, adding 50 new members every day. At that rate, we will be 46,000 members strong by 2025. Our financial future looks lucrative.

Bluetooth Glucometer

Robust financial assets have helped LiveCare Health to exceed our annual financial projections for three years and counting. With little competition and a unique market position, we’re a smart investment.

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